John Dee cares about our cattle.


Our processing establishment is certified under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry
Animal Welfare Certification System - an independent certified animal welfare system that ensures
livestock under our control from receival to humane processing are managed in accordance
with best practice animal welfare standards. The system ensures the welfare of our cattle at our
feedlot and in transport, handling, feeding and presenting healthy and well conditioned animals for

John Dee cares about a sustainable


John Dee recognises our obligation to the Warwick community to ensure effective environmental
management of our processing operation. We aim to meet world environmental standards and the
sustainability of our operation which will protect our community and environment for present and
future generations.

Our objectives are:

achieve energy efficiencies
reduce consumption of materials, water, fuel, energy
reduce and recycle waste
implement recycling programmes
avoid use of environmentally damaging substances and materials
maintain a constant watch on modern advances in regards to environmental improvements